DIRTcar Nationals Just Got Bigger

Now five nights of Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block action and four nights of World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Models — Feb 6-17, 2018 at Volusia Speedway Park

CONCORD, NC — Oct. 25, 2017 — The 2018 racing calendar just got more exciting…what better way to start a new season than with 12 nights of racing in Florida in February. Major changes to the event program highlight the new and exciting schedule for the 47th annual DIRTcar Nationals as the racing season kicks off Feb. 6 through 17, 2018.


Volusia Speedway Park Receives Only Minor Damage from Hurricane Irma

DIRTcar Nationals Goes on as Scheduled, February 6-17, 2018

BARBERVILLE, FL — Sept. 14, 2017 — Volusia Speedway Park was hit hard by Hurricane Irma on Saturday and into Sunday Morning, like much of the Sunshine State, but the facility escaped with only minor damage.

The actual racing surface of Volusia Speedway Park was prepped well in advance for the expected heavy rain and winds, but the facility did incur some minor damage to fencing and has some clean-up to do before weekly racing can resume. The speedway has cancelled racing action for Saturday, Sept. 16 and will resume weekly racing action on Saturday, Sept. 23.


Ticket renewals for DIRTcar Nationals at the Volusia Speedway Park is underway now. The 47th Annual DIRTcar Nationals will take place on February 6 – 17, 2018. To renew your tickets from the 2017 event, call 844–DIRT-TIX, renewals close on March 31.

The ‘World’s Fastest Half Mile’ hosts the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Sprint Car Series, The World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series, DIRTcar UMP Modifieds, DIRTcar Late Models, The Super DIRTcar Series and the All Star Circuit of Champions during 12 action-packed nights.



Hearn Double Dips at DIRTcar Nationals

Grabs the DIRTcar Nationals Finale and Championship

BARBERVILLE, F.L - Feb. 26, 2017 – Brett ‘The Jet’ Hearn picked up his tenth DIRTcar Nationals victory with the Super DIRTcar Series at Volusia Speedway Park on Saturday night. The veteran driver from Sussex, N.J. took the lead from the start and never looked back to take the $5,000 payday in the 40-lap finale, also staking claim to the DIRTcar Nationals championship.

“The guys at the Madsen Overhead Door shop are going to have to build a bigger shelf,” Hearn said in Victory Lane. “It was a super, awesome team effort. We came down here and fine tuned on this thing, it’s a brand new car.”

Young gun Max McLaughlin of Mooresville, N.C. and the veteran Hearn started on the front row following a pre-race redraw.

On lap one, Hearn drove to the outside into turn three and claimed the top spot from McLaughlin coming out of turn four, setting sail with the early lead.

In a race that had three yellow flags, the first on lap 10 saw a over a half-dozen drivers duck down pit road for adjustments to their Big-Block Modifieds.

The ensuing restart set up a fierce battle between McLaughlin and Matt Sheppard of Waterloo, N.Y. for the runner-up spot as they swapped positions for several laps.

There was a glimmer of hope for the second- and third-place runners when Hearn caught the back of the pack on lap 23, allowing McLaughlin and Sheppard a shot at the top spot.

With the second yellow flag on lap 26, Sheppard relinqiuished the third position to come down pit road for a new right-rear tire.

Tim Fuller got into the mix after he got by Peter Britten for third place, Fuller then set his sights on second-place McLaughlin. Fuller put pressure on McLaughlin on the final restart as he drove under him for second. That left the door open for Danny Johnson as he followed in pursuit on lap 33 to take third place.

It was too late as Hearn was way out front en route to his first victory of the 2017 season.

“You’re always on edge,” Hearn said. “It was nice to see those couple of yellows come out and get some open track. It made my life a little bit easier.”

At the finish, Hearn claimed the DIRTcar Nationals finale over Fuller, Johnson, McLaughlin and Britten.

“The track crew did a great job giving us a multi-lane track tonight,” said Hearn in Victory Lane. “I have to say thanks to them for their efforts.”

Fuller, now the driver of the Graham Racing No. 19, capped off the night with a second-place finish.

“I think we got better as the race went on,” Fuller said. “I have to thank Ray Graham for starting this new team. I think it’s a good start for us. It’s only a sign of things to come. Brett was pretty strong, but I think we were pretty equal. If we got into some lapped traffic, we could have seen who was more versatile.”

Following the Super DIRTcar Series 40-lap feature was a non-qualifiers Big-Block Modified feature. Darwin Greene and Dillon Steuer led the 12-lap non-qualifiers race to the green flag. Greene led the field from green to checkered and won over Eldon Payne and C.G. Morey.

Super DIRTcar Series Statistical Report; Feb. 25, 2017; Volusia Speedway Park, Barberville, F.L.

Feature (40 Laps) –1. 20-Brett Hearn, 2. 19-Tim Fuller, 3. 27j-Danny Johnson, 4. 6h-Max McLaughlin, 5. 21a-Peter Britten, 6. 25r-Erick Rudolph, 7. 44-Stewart Friesen, 8. 14j-Alan Johnson, 9. 98h-Jimmy Phelps, 10. 99l-Larry Wight, 11. 43-Jimmy Horton, 12. 8-Rich Scagliotta, 13. 7m-Mike Maresca, 14. 96-J.F. Corriveau, 15. 22-Brandon Walters, 16. 109-Billy Whittaker, 17. 30-Jamie Mills, 18. 7-Rick Laubach, 19. 9s-Matt Sheppard, 20. 19m-Jessy Mueller, 21. 88-Mike Mahaney, 22. 5-Billy Vaninwegen, 23. 54-Steve Bernard, 24. 3-Justin Haers, 25. 71-Mike Bowman, 26. 96c-Mario Clair, 27. 85-H.J. Bunting, 28. 49-Billy Dunn

Last-Chance Showdown No. 2 (10 Laps): 1. 3-Justin Haers, 2. 54-Steve Bernard, 3. 22-Brandon Walters, 4. 7-Rick Laubach, 5. 13-Steve Davis, 6. 118-Jim Britt, 7. 6d-Dillon Steuer, 8. 27-David Hunt, 9. 44r-Russell Morseman

Last-Chance Showdown No. 1 (10 Laps): 1. 99l-Larry Wight, 2. 98h-Jimmy Phelps, 3. 7m-Mike Maresca, 4. 85h-HJ Bunting, 5. 1g-Darwin Green, 6. 28p-Eldon Payne, 7. 48t-Dave Rauscher, 8. 1-Billy Pauch, 9. 14-CG Morey, 10. 27a-Ryan Anderson

Heat 1 (8 Laps) – 1.14j-Alan Johnson, 2. 25r-Erick Rudolph, 3. 30-Jamie Mills, 4. 19m-Jessy Mueller, 5. 96-J.F. Corriveau, 6. 99l-Larry Wight, 7. 85-HJ Bunting, 8. 14-CG Morey, 9. 7m-Mike Maresca, 10. 28p-Eldon Payne

Heat 2 (8 Laps) – 1. 21a-Peter Britten, 2. 20-Brett Hearn, 3. 27j-Danny Johnson, 4. 44-Stewart Friesen, 5. 98h-Jimmy Phelps, 6. 96c-Mario Clair, 7. 1g-Darwin Green, 8. 27a-Ryan Anderson, 9. 1-Billy Pauch, 10. 48t-Dave Rauscher

Heat 3 (8 Laps) – 1. 9s-Matt Sheppard, 2. 49-Billy Dunn, 3. 109-Billy Whittaker, 4. 88-Mike Mahaney, 5. 71-Mike Bowman, 6. 54-Steve Bernard, 7. 22-Brandon Walters, 8. 27-David Hunt, 9. 118-Jim Britt, 10. 44r-Russell Morseman

Heat 4 (8 Laps) –1. 19-Tim Fuller, 2. 6h-Max McLaughlin, 3. 43-Jimmy Horton, 4. 8-Rich Scagliota, 5. 5-Billy Vaninwegen, 6. 3-Justin Haers, 7. 7-Rick Laubach, 8. 13-Steve Davis, 9. 6d-Dillon Steuer

Group 1 Qualifier – 1. 14J-Alan Johnson,18.719; 2. 30-Jamie Mills, 18.758; 3. 25R-Erick Rudolph, 18.818; 4. 96-Jean-F Corriveau, 19.000; 5.19m-Jessy Mueller, 19.039; 6. 85-H.J. Bunting III, 19.042; 7. 99L-Larry Wight, 19.043; 8. 28p-Eldon Payne, 19.051; 9. 7m-Mike Maresca, 19.120; 10. 14-C.G Morey, 19.227

Group 2 Qualifier – 1. 21a-Peter Britten, 18.685; 2. 20-Brett Hearn, 18.763; 3. 44-Stewart Friesen, 18.796; 4. 27J-Danny Johnson,18.862; 5. 96c-Mario Clair, 18.935; 6. 98H-Jimmy Phelps, 19.008; 7. 27A-Ryan Anderson, 19.358; 8.1G-Darwin Green,19.371; 9. 1-Billy Pauch,19.406; 10. 48T-Dave Rauscher, NT 

Group 3 Qualifier – 1. 9s-Matt Sheppard, 18.815; 2. 49-Billy Dunn, 18.945; 3. 88-Mike Mahaney, 19.172; 4. 109-Billy Whittaker, 19.190; 5. 71-Mike Bowman, 19.201; 6. 54-Steve Bernard, 19.288; 7. 22-Brandon Walters, 19.301; 8.118-Jim Britt, 19.422; 9. 44R-Russell Morseman, 19.495; 10.27-David Hunt,19.551

Group 4 Qualifier –1. 19-Tim Fuller, 19.035; 2. 6h-Max McLaughlin, 18.859; 3. 43-Jimmy Horton, 4. 5-Billy VanInwegen, 18.967; 5. 8-Rich Scagliotta, 19.349; 6. 3-Justin Haers, 19.015; 7. 7-Rick Laubach, 19.351; 8. 13-Steve Davis, 19.335; 9. 6d-Dillon Steuer, 19.487



O’Neal Wins the Feature at the DIRTcar Nationals Finale


Clanton wins DIRTcar Nationals Championship


BARBERVILLE, FL— February 26, 2017— Don O’Neal of Martinsville, Ind., a veteran racer in action since 1988, has been one of the biggest names without a World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series victory. That changed in his 53rd career feature start when O’Neal finally took a coveted trip to Victory Lane during the bookend to the 46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park on Saturday night.

Heading into the 40-lap Craftsman Club Feature, the buzz was about what tire compound the teams would choose. It was ultimately Don O’Neal who chose the right combination.

“We’ve had a good car,” said O’Neal. “The Peak Anti-Freeze team with Crawford Outdoor, Cometic Gasket, and Penske Shocks car has been good all Speedweeks, there just wasn’t anything going our way. Tonight, it did.”

O’Neal was a man on a mission all night. Locking up the final transfer spot from his heat put him 13th on the feature starting grid. O’Neal made quick work of the cars in front of him and used a lap 15 restart to take the lead from polesitter Dennis Erb Jr. of Carpentersville, Ill. who had led every lap to that point.

“We had a harder tire on then most of those guys,” said Erb Jr., who finished seventh. “A lot of those guys gambled with that soft tire. We took the green early and everyone stayed in that line around the bottom. My car was working really good there. Everything was going good until that yellow came out. Then everybody got chasing the brown, [tacky dirt] around the top and those soft tire were able to pull away from me. We definitely got beat on tires tonight.”

Tim McCreadie of Watertown, NY jumped to the second position the same lap as O’Neal took over the point and steadily gained ground on the leader. On lap 38 in the midst of heavy lapped traffic, O’Neal nearly got into the turn two wall. The slip up by O’Neal allowed McCreadie an attempt for a last lap pass bringing the crowd surrounding the World’s Fastest Half-Mile to their feet.

“I was warming my tires up on the outside and I thought ‘this feels so much better than the bottom did on that first 14-lap run” said McCreadie. “Don, he’s a professional and he found the traction before I did. I moved up and thought we could run with him, but at the end I think he had the best car. He made one little mistake at the end there and it gave us a chance. We hadn’t run this car yet and we ran it for three nights. We got a second and a third out of it.”

O’Neal claimed a desired Gator trophy and $10,000 but it was Shane Clanton who took home the king of them all, the Big Gator as DIRTcar Nationals Late Model champion.

“We missed it a little bit tonight, but it’s a testament to how hard we worked all week,” said Clanton “To run top-five three nights and just miss it a little bit tonight and run where we did (13th), we had a shot.” 

Before the stretch at DIRTcar Nationals, series veteran Clanton explained the importance of coming out of the Georgia-Florida jaunt ahead in the standings.

“If you come out of Florida on top then it’s easy to stay on top, if you come up behind then it’s hard to dig yourself out of that hole,” said Clanton. “It’s important to have a good run because it will boost the whole season and [at this point] who knows who will be running good.”

Headed out of DIRTcar Nationals, Brandon Sheppard is the leader in the 2017 World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series Points Standings followed by Rick Eckert who is only a mere four points behind. For the last two years the driver who headed out of DIRTcar Nationals highest in points ultimately won the Championship Title at the end of the year. That may not be the case this year as the points race is still very close; meaning it could be anyone’s for the taking.

Feature: 1.5- Don O'Neal[13]; 2.39-Tim McCreadie[3]; 3.21-Billy Moyer Jr[9]; 4.40B-Bronson[8]; 5.44-Chris Madden[7]; 6.9-Devin Moran[20]; 7.28-Dennis Erb Jr[1]; 8.18-Eric Wells[24]; 9.7-Rick Eckert[10]; 10.15s-Donny Schatz[14]; 11.3s-Brian Shirley[2]; 12.14-Darrell Lanigan[17]; 13.25-Shane Clanton[4]; 14.1-Brandon Sheppard[6]; 15.91-Tyler Erb[12]; 16.17M-Dale McDowell[18]; 17.1*-Chub Frank[16]; 18.18c-Chase Junghans        [26]; 19.7F-Jason Fitzgerald[15]; 20.2H-Nick Hoffman[11]; 21.99j-Frank Heckenast Jr[23]; 22.14M-Morgan Bagley[19]; 23.2c-Joey Coulter[25]; 24.99B-Boom Briggs[21]; 25.116-Brandon Overton[5]; 26.15-Steve Francis[22]

Qualifying Group A: 1. 40B-Kyle Bronson, 17.376; 2.3s-Brian Shirley, 17.387; 3.21-Billy Moyer Jr, 17.418; 4. 39- Tim McCreadie, 17.42; 5. 93- Donald Bradsher, 17.444; 6. 15s- Donny Schatz, 17.453; 7. 1- Brandon Sheppard, 17.52; 8. 99B- Boom Briggs, 17.575; 9. 14M- Morgan Bagley, 17.589; 10. 7- Rick Eckert, 17.661; 11.4-Ds-Chad Hollenbeck, 17.663; 12. 14- Darrell Lanigan, 17.679; 13. 2c- Joey Coulter, 17.696; 14. 18c- Chase Junghans, 17.903; 15. 5- Don O'Neal, 17.913; 16. 2F- Dennis Franklin, 17.115; 18.0v-Coleby Frye, 18.231; 19. 7W- Ricky Weiss, 18.471; 20. B1- Brent Larson, 18.535; 21. 99- Dylan Thompson, 18.708; 22. 16H- Mike Hammerle, 19.385; 23. 18-Eric Wells, DQ(light)

Qualifying Group B: 1. 44- Chris Madden, 16.532; 2. 28- Dennis Erb Jr, 16.655; 3. 116- Brandon Overton, 16.95; 4. 25- Shane Clanton, 16.956; 5. 2H- Nick Hoffman, 16.973; 6. 91- Tyler Erb, 17.017; 7. 38s- Kenny Pettyjohn, 17.127; 8. 1*- Chub Frank, 17.143; 9. 7F- Jason Fitzgerald, 17.217; 10. 20- Rodney Sanders, 17.227; 11. 15- Steve Francis, 17.32;  12. 99j- Frank Heckenast Jr, 17.349; 13. 9- Devin Moran, 17.369; 14. 17M- Dale McDowell, 17.565; 15. 1P- Earl Pearson Jr, 17.586; 16. 21L- Ivedent Lloyd Jr              , 17.593; 17. 6- Blake Spencer, 17.647; 18. 16T- Tyler Bruening, 17.661; 19. 16- Jason Jameson, 18.135; 20. 3c- Charles LaPlant, 18.513; 21. 14r- Reid Millard, 19.186; 22. 22*- G.R. Smith, DNS

Heat 1 (Top four transfer to the Feature): 1. 40B- Kyle Bronson[1]; 2. 1- Brandon Sheppard[4]; 3. 21- Billy Moyer Jr[2]; 4. 5- Don O'Neal[8]; 5.14M-Morgan Bagley[5]; 6.0v-Coleby Frye[9]; 7.93- Donald Bradsher[3]; 8.B1- Brent Larson[10]; 9.4-Ds- Chad Hollenbeck[6]; 10.2c- Joey Coulter[7]; 11.16H-Mike Hammerle[11]

Heat 2 (Top four transfer to the Feature): 1. 3s- Brian Shirley[1]; 2. 39- Tim McCreadie[2]; 3. 7- Rick Eckert           [5]; 4. 15s-Donny Schatz[3]; 5. 14-Darrell Lanigan[6]; 6. 99B- Boom Briggs [4]; 7.18c- Chase Junghans[7]; 8.18- Eric Wells[11]; 9.7W- Ricky Weiss[9]; 10.2F-Dennis Franklin [8];11. 99-Dylan Thompson[8]

Heat 3 (Top four transfer to the Feature): 1. 44-Chris Madden[1]; 2.116-Brandon Overton[2]; 3.2H-Nick Hoffman[3]; 4.7F-Jason Fitzgerald[5]; 5.9-Devin Moran[7]; 6.38s-Kenny Pettyjohn[4]; 7.15-Steve Francis[6]; 8.1P-Earl Pearson Jr[8]; 9.16-Jason Jameson[10]; 10.6-Blake Spencer[9]; 11.14r-Reid Millard[11]

Heat 4 (Top four transfer to the Feature): 1.28- Dennis Erb Jr[1]; 2.25-Shane Clanton[2]; 3.91-Tyler Erb[3] 4.1*-Chub Frank[4]; 5.20-Rodney Sanders[5] 6.99j-Frank Heckenast Jr[6]; 7.17M-Dale McDowell[7]; 8.21L-Ivedent Lloyd Jr[8]; 9.16T-Tyler Bruening[9] 10.3c-Charles LaPlant[10]; 11.22*-G.R. Smith[DNS]

Last Chance Showdown 1 (Top three transfer to the Feature): 1. 14- Darrell Lanigan[2]; 2.14M-Morgan Bagley[1]; 3.99B-Boom Briggs[4]; 4.0v-Coleby Frye[3]; 5.18c-Chase Junghans[6]; 6.B1-Brent Larson[7]; 7.18-Eric Wells[8]; 8.4-Ds-Chad Hollenbeck[9]; 9.2F-Dennis Franklin[13]; 10.2c-Joey Coulter[11]; 11.93-Donald Bradsher[5]; 12.6-Blake Spencer[12]; 13.99-Dylan Thompson[15]; 14.16H-Mike Hammerle[14]; 15. 7W- Ricky Weiss [DNS]

Last Chance Showdown 2 (Top three transfer to the Feature): 1. 17M-Dale McDowell[6]; 2.9-Devin Moran[1]; 3.15-Steve Francis[5]; 4.21L-Ivedent Lloyd Jr[8]; 5.16-Jason Jameson[9]; 6.16T-Tyler Bruening[10]; 7.14r-Reid Millard[13]; 8.99j-Frank Heckenast Jr[4] 9.3c-Charles LaPlant[12]; 10.20-Rodney Sanders[2]; 11.38s-Kenny Pettyjohn[DNS]; 12.1P-Earl Pearson Jr[DNS]; 13.6-Blake Spencer[DNS]; 14.22*-G.R. Smith[DNS]

CONTINGENCY WINNERS: Craftsman/Sears ($200 Cash): Billy Moyer Jr., Chris Madden, Devin Moran, Eric Wells, Rick Eckert,; Craftsman/Sears ($100 Cash): Don O’Neal; Comp Cams ($50 product certificate): Chris Madden; MSD Ignition ($50 Cash): Billy Moyer Jr.; Quarter Master ($100 Product Certificate): Kyle Bronson; Wrisco (Three Sheets of aluminum): Eric Wells;  Penske Racing Shocks ($50 Product Certificate): Eric Wells ; JE Pistons ($50 Cash): Devin Moran; VP Racing Fuels ($50 Cash): Rick Eckert; Edelbrock ($50 Cash): Rick Eckert; Comp Cams ($50 Cash): Shane Clanton; Cometic ($50 Cash):Darrell Lanigan ; JRI Shocks ($50 Cash): Tyler Erb; Superflow Dyno’s ($50 Cash): Brandon Sheppard; Quartermaster ($25 Product Certificate): Tyler Erb; JE Pistons (One set of piston rings): Chub Frank; Quartermaster ($50 Product Certificate): Joey Coulter; Arizona Sport Shirts ($100 Product Certificate): Frank Heckenast Jr.; JE Pistons (One set of piston rings): Frank Heckenast Jr..; MSD Ignition ($25 Cash): Boom Briggs.; QA-1 ($50 Cash): Chris Madden; Rookie Bonus: Devin Moran; Bonus Bucks: Don O’Neal



Fog a First Time Winner at Volusia

BARBERVILLE, FL. — February 25, 2016 — The World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series took the track at Volusia Speedway Park for the first time on night 11 of DIRTcar Nationals. During the 40-lap Craftsman Club Feature fans and drivers in attendance witnessed a thick fog roll in after 10pm that was the concoction of two days of heavy rain followed by a third of sunny blue skies. For the drivers’ safety, the feature was called complete with 23 laps in the books due to poor visibility.

Despite the bad luck Mother Nature brought, Shane Clanton was the class of the field all around. He had the fastest lap time during qualifying with 15.861-second lap, won his heat race and led all 23-laps of the feature.

“I hate that Mother Nature brought this fog in, but it’s pretty bad out there,” Clanton said. “Every straightaway you had to pull a tearoff because it’s like rain. I hate it for the fans. They didn’t get to see a full feature here. I think we had the best car tonight, so hopefully we can repeat tomorrow and do it all over.”

Eric Wells also had a strong night as he claimed the second overall fastest time with a 15.862-second lap. Wells also won his heat race and found his way to second place on the podium.

“The track was really demanding tonight,” Well said. “It’s fast and it takes a lot of manpower. You hook a rut the wrong way and you don’t know which way the car’s going to go. That definitely didn’t help at all, but we’ve got a pretty good package. We’re going to work on it tomorrow and hopefully we’ll be in Shane’s spot.”

Not everybody had as successful a night as the top three. Several drivers battled both the elements and mechanical problems throughout the night and were forced to retire early.

Chris Madden was the first driver forced to retire on lap seven when the third driveshaft of the night broke on the Grey Court, SC native’s No.44.

Don O’Neal suffered a similar fate on lap 16. The Martinsville, Ind. native was running fifth after starting the feature 11th.

“I broke something in the driveline coming off of [turn] two,” O’Neal said following the race. “It’s a shame. I mean, we came up through [the field] a ways and I thought we were going to have a good decent finish.”

Union, Ky driver Darrell Lanigan finished eighth in heat two after he pulled pit side with a miss in the motor. Lanigan’s team was scratched for the remainder of the night after pulling the motor. The team described it as “precautionary” after failing to diagnose the source of the problem.

As fog rolled over Volusia midway through the 40-lap feature, several drivers struggled with vision and ran out of tearoffs before the race was called at lap 23.

“I started way too far back. I had 40 some tearoffs and I used every one of them,” said Brandon Overton. “As soon as I would pull one off, the other one would be fogged up. I just kept yanking them and finally I ran out. I figured I had better pull in before we tear anything up.”

Podium finisher Tim McCreadie of Watertown, NY also struggled with the same vision issues due to fog.

“It wasn’t the easiest to see,” McCreadie said. “I’m not going to sit here and act like we can just fly around here no problem. We were wiping the mist [off our visors] all the way around.”

The World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series will close out the last day of the 46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals on Saturday.

Feature 40-lap- 1. 25- Shane Clanton[2]; 2. 18-Eric Wells [6];3.39-Tim McCreadie[10]; 4.7-Rick Eckert[4]; 5.3s-Brian Shirley[5]; 6.1-Brandon Sheppard[15]; 7.7F-Jason Fitzgerald[9]; 8.40B-Kyle Bronson[8]; 9.99B-Boom Briggs[7]; 10.1P-Earl Pearson Jr[21]; 11.1*-Chub Frank[16]; 12.20-Rodney Sanders[19]; 13.28-Dennis Erb Jr[18]; 14.4-Ds-Chad Hollenbeck[23]; 15.15s-Donny Schatz[12]; 16.99jr-Frank Heckenast Jr[27]; 17.14M-Morgan Bagley[22]; 18.9-Devin Moran[20]; 19.2c-Joey Coulter[28]; 20.21-Billy Moyer Jr[26]; 21.93-Donald Bradsher[14]; 22.91-Tyler Erb[3]; 23.116-Brandon Overton[25]; 24.21L-Ivedent Lloyd Jr[24]; 25.5-Don O'Neal[11]; 26.17M-Dale McDowell[13]; 27.44-Chris Madden[17]; 28.15-Steve Francis[1]

Qualifying Group A: 1.72-Mike Norris, 15.923; 2.91-Tyler Erb, 16.01; 3.7-Rick Eckert,16.201; 4.99B-Boom Briggs, 16.247; 5.14-Darrell Lanigan, 16.281; 6.7F-Jason Fitzgerald, 16.296; 7.15-Steve Francis, 16.35; 8.40B-Kyle Bronson, 16.357; 9.20-Rodney Sanders, 16.36; 10.1-Brandon Sheppard, 16.405; 11.14M-Morgan Bagley            , 16.417; 12.7W-Ricky Weiss, 16.419l 13.18c-Chase Junghans, 16.43; 14.17M-Dale McDowell, 16.463; 15.93-Donald Bradsher, 16.468; 16.B1-Brent Larson, 16.5; 17.38s-Kenny Pettyjohn, 16.576; 18.0v-Coleby Frye, 16.694; 19.116-Brandon Overton, 16.699; 20.6- Blake Spencer, 16.861; 21.2c- Joey Coulter, 17.006; 22.9- Devin Moran, 17.115; 23.14r-Reid Millard, 17.436; 24.16- Justin Rattliff, DNS; 25.35- Win Ingersoll, DNS

Qualifying Group B:  1.25- Shane Clanton,15.861; 2.18- Eric Wells, 15.862; 3.3s- Brian Shirley, 15.952; 4.39- Tim McCreadie, 15.956; 5.44- Chris Madden, 15.978; 6.15s- Donny Schatz, 15.997; 7.4-Ds- Chad Hollenbeck, 16.093; 8.5- Don O'Neal, 16.167; 9.28- Dennis Erb Jr, 16.173; 10.22*- G.R. Smith, 16.186; 11.1P- Earl Pearson Jr, 16.27; 12.21L- Ivedent Lloyd Jr, 16.275; 13.1*- Chub Frank, 16.355; 14.2F- Dennis Franklin, 16.463; 15.16T- Tyler Bruening, 16.484; 16.21jr- Billy Moyer Jr, 16.501; 17.99jr- Frank Heckenast Jr, 16.56; 18.71- Hudson O'Neal, 16.565; 19.11- Austin Hubbard, 16.774; 20.2H- Nick Hoffman, 16.826; 21.3c- Charles LaPlant, 17.059; 22.16J- Jason Jameson, 17.263; 23.99- Dylan Thompson, 17.554; 24.16H-  Mike Hammerle, 18.557

Heat 1: 1. 15- Steve Francis[3]; 2. 99B- Boom Briggs[2]; 3. 17M- Dale McDowell[5]; 4. 14M- Morgan Bagley[4]; 5. 38s- Kenny Pettyjohn[6];6. 6-Blake Spencer[7]; 7.14r- Reid Millard[8]; 8.72-Mike Norris[DNS];9. 35-Win Ingersoll[DNS]

Heat 2: 1. 91- Tyler Erb[1]; 2. 40B- Kyle Bronson[3];3. 93-Donald Bradsher[5]; 4. 20- Rodney Sanders[8]; 5. 7W- Ricky Weiss[4]; 6. 0v- Coleby Frye[6]; 7. 2c- Joey Coulter[7]; 8. 14-Darrell Lanigan[2];

Heat 3: 1.7- Rick Eckert[1]; 2.7F-Jason Fitzgerald[2]; 3.1- Brandon Sheppard[3]; 4.116-Brandon Overton[6]; 5.9-Devin Moran[7]; 6.18c- Chase Junghans[4]; 7.B1-Brent Larson[5]; 8.16-Justin Rattliff[DNS]

Heat 4: 1. 25-Shane Clanton[1]; 2. 39- Tim McCreadie[2]; 3.1*- Chub Frank[5];4. 4-Ds-Chad Hollenbeck[3]; 5.16J-Jason Jameson[8]; 6.11-Austin Hubbard[7];7. 22*-G.R. Smith[4]; 8.21-Billy Moyer Jr[6]

Heat 5: 1.18-Eric Wells[1]; 2. 5-Don O'Neal[3]; 3.44-Chris Madden[2]; 4.1P-Earl Pearson Jr[4]; 5.99j-Frank Heckenast Jr[6]; 6.2H-Nick Hoffman[7];7.99-Dylan Thompson[8];8.2F-Dennis Franklin[DNS]

Heat 6: 1. 3s-Brian Shirley[1];2.15s-Donny Schatz[2]; 3.28-Dennis Erb Jr[3];4.21L-Ivedent Lloyd Jr[4]; 5.16T-Tyler Bruening[5]; 6.71-Hudson O'Neal[6];7.3c-Charles LaPlant[7]; 8.16H-Mike Hammerle[8];

Last Chance Showdown 1: 1.20-Rodney Sanders[2]; 2.14M-Morgan Bagley[1]; 3.38s-Kenny Pettyjohn[3]; 4.2c-Joey Coulter[8]; 5.7W-Ricky Weiss[4]; 6.6-Blake Spencer[5]; 7.14r-Reid Millard[7]; 8.0v-Coleby Frye[6]; 9.72-Mike Norris[DNS]; 10.14-Darrell Lanigan[DNS]; 11.35-Win Ingersoll[DNS]

Last Chance Showdown 2: 1.9- Devin Moran[3]; 2.4-Ds-Chad Hollenbeck      [2]; 3.18c-Chase Junghans[5]; 4.22*-G.R. Smith[8]; 5.16J-Jason Jameson[4]; 6.B1-Brent Larson[7]; 7.21-Billy Moyer Jr[10]; 8.11-Austin Hubbard[6]; 9.116-Brandon Overton[1]; 10.16-Justin Rattliff[DNS]

Last Chance Showdown 3: 1. 1P-Earl Pearson Jr[1]; 2.21L-Ivedent Lloyd Jr[2]; 3.16T-Tyler Bruening[4]; 4.2H-Nick Hoffman[5];5.99j-Frank Heckenast Jr[3]; 6.71-Hudson O'Neal[6]; 7.99-Dylan Thompson[7];8.3c-Charles LaPlant[8]; 9.16H-Mike Hammerle[10];10.2F-Dennis Franklin[DNS]



Haers Holds off Sheppard and Claims DIRTcar Nationals Victory

Brings home the first gator of the week for the Super DIRTcar Series

By Mandee Pauch

BARBERVILLE, F.L - Feb. 25, 2017 – The hot shoe out of Phelps, N.Y., Justin Haers, picked up his second career DIRTcar Nationals victory after holding off the 22nd starter, Matt Sheppard in Friday night’s 30-lap Super DIRTcar Series feature event at Volusia Speedway Park.

“We had a really good car from the drop of the green,” Haers said in Victory Lane. “It seemed like I’d get in the wrong part of the restart wanting to be on the bottom but kept restarting on top. I just found the [bottom groove] in turn three and four and I could just hook it really good. The car was was unbelievable, top, bottom, it didn’t matter where I wanted it.”

Mario Clair and Alan Johnson led the 26-car field to the green flag. Clair showed a dominant lead early on until Jimmy Horton started to put pressure on the No. 96c. Clair and Horton battled back-and-fourth for several laps until Clair suddenly fell off the pace, forfeiting the top spot to Horton on lap 21 due to a broken right-rear shock.

It wasn’t long until Haers was knocking on Horton’s back bumper. As Haers closed in on Horton, the No. 43 machine started to smoke tremendously with just five laps remaining.

Horton’s night expired after coming to a stop on the track on lap 27 due to a loose oil line, giving Haers the top spot.

“I give [Horton] credit. He ran the hell out of that thing,” said Haers. “The smoke was so bad I didn’t want to get behind him and have something break on the motor and come back and hit me or something. So I was trying to just stay below him a little bit.”

Sheppard, the defending Super DIRTcar Series champion, worked his way through the last chance showdown and started 22nd in the feature. With three laps remaining in the feature, Sheppard made his presence known and was soon knocking on Haers doors threatening for the win.

Haers was able to hold off Sheppard and pulled away to take home the first Super DIRTcar Series victory of 2017 during the DIRTcar Nationals.

“This is probably the coolest trophy that’s out there,” Haers said. “I’ve got [one gator] and now I’ve got another one to bring home.”

“These racecars are a matter of just getting some laps,” said runner-up finisher, Matt Sheppard. “Trying to get the track to slow down a little bit, it wasn’t looking good there for a long time. It seemed like the longer the race went the better we got. I thought I may have had a shot at Justin at the end but he was really good and we kind of ran out of tear-offs there but it was nice from where we started to come from the back and get second.”

The 2016 Super DIRTcar Series Rookie of the Year, Max McLaughlin showed his skills as he capped off the night with a podium finish.

“I kind of made a mistake setup wise but I’ll take the blame,” McLaughlin said. “The car was really good all night. I ran out of tear-offs with about five to go so I was driving blind. Luckily we ended up third and will go at it again tomorrow.”

The Super DIRTcar Series will be back in action at Volusia Speedway Park for the DIRTcar Nationals on Saturday, Feb. 25th. Follow the series on Twitter @SuperDIRTcar, or click

Super DIRTcar Series Statistical Report; Feb. 24, 2017; Volusia Speedway Park, Barberville, F.L.

Feature (30 Laps) – 1. 3-Justin Haers, 2. 9s-Matt Sheppard, 3. 6h-Max McLaughlin, 4. 99l-Larry Wight, 5. 25r-Erick Rudolph, 6. 20-Brett Hearn, 7. 27j-Danny Johnson, 8. 98h-Jimmy Phelps, 9. 5-Billy Vaningewen, 10. 8-Rich Scagliotta, 11. 85-H.J. Bunting, 12. 19-Tim Fuller, 13. 30-Jamie Mills, 14. 14j-Alan Johnson, 15. 43-Jimmy Horton, 16. 88-Mike Mahaney, 17. 96c-Mario Clair, 18. 13-Steve Davis, 19. 22-Brandon Walters, 20. 7-Rick Laubach, 21. 30m-Joseph Watson, 22. 21a-Peter Britten, 23. 71-Mike Bowman, 24. 1g-Dawrin Greene, 25. 1-Billy Pauch, 26. 49-Billy Dunn

Last-Chance Showdown No. 1 (10 Laps): 1. 99l-Larry Wight, 2. 98h-Jimmy Phelps, 3. 85-H.J. Bunting, 4. 109-Billy Whittaker, 5. 118-Jim Britt, 6. 28p-Eldon payne, 7. 48t-Dave Rauscher, 8. 27-David Hunt, 9. 96-J.F. Corriveau, 10. 19m-Jessy Mueller, 11. 6d-Dillon Steuer

Last-Chance Showdown No. 2 (10 Laps): 1. 9s-Matt Sheppard, 2. 13-Steve Davis, 3. 21a-Peter Britten, 4. 27a-Ryan Anderson, 5. 54-Steve Bernard, 6. 14-C.G. Morey, 7. 7m-Mike Maresca, 8. 44r-Russell Morseman, 9. 32c-Vic Coffey, 10. 21k-Randy Chrysler

Heat 1 (8 Laps) – 1. 43-Jimmy Horton, 2. 14J-Alan Johnson, 3. 28p-Eldon Payne, 4. 20-Brett Hearn, 5. 8-Rich Scagliotta, 6. 1g-Darwin Greene, 7. 109-Billy Whittaker, 8. 85-H.J. Bunting, 9. 118-Jim Britt, 10. 48t-Dave Rauscher

Heat 2 (8 Laps) – 1. 6h-Max McLaughlin, 2. 96c-Mario Clair, 3. 22-Brandon Walters, 17.238, 4. 27-David Hunt, 5. 25r-Erick Rudolph, 6. 99l-Larry Wight, 7. 49-Billy Dunn, 8. 6d-Dillon Steuer, 9. 19m-Jessey Mueller, 10. 98h-Jimmy Phelps, 11. 44r-Russell Morseman

Heat 3 (8 Laps) – 1. 7-Rick Laubach, 2. 19-Tim Fuller, 3. 71-Mike Bowman, 4. 30-Jamie Mills, 5. 1-Billy Pauch, 6. 9s-Matt Shepperd, 7. 32c-Vic Coffey, 8. 21-Peter Britten, 9. 21k-Randy Chrysler, 10. 21-Yan Bussiere

Heat 4 (8 Laps) – 1. 3-Justin Haers, 2. 88-Mike Mahaney, 3. 5-Billy Vanigewen, 4. 30m-Joseph Watson, 5. 27j-Danny Johnson, 6. 27a-Ryan Anderson, 7. 13-Steve Davis, 8. 7m-Mike Maresca, 9. 54-Steve Bernard, 10. 14-C.G. Morey

Group 1 Qualifier – 1. 43-Jimmy Horton, 17.888; 2. 14J-Alan Johnson, 17.902; 3. 8-Rich Scagliotta, 17.985; 4. 1g-Darwin Greene, 18.054; 5. 20-Brett Hearn, 18.127; 6. 96-J.F. Corriveau, 18.221; 7. 109-Billy Whittaker, 18.250; 8. 28p-Eldon Payne, 18.296; 9. 118-Jim Britt, 18.427; 10. 85-H.J. Bunting, 18.642

Group 2 Qualifier – 1. 6h-Max McLaughlin, 17.556; 2. 96c-Mario Clair, 17.595; 3. 49-Billy Dun, 17.784; 4. 22-Brandon Walters, 17.956; 5. 27-David Hunt, 17.959; 6. 19m-Jessey Mueller, 18.005; 7. 98h-Jimmy Phelps, 18.021; 8. 25r-Erick Rudolph, 18.093; 9. 99l-Larry Wight, 18.454; 10. 6d-Dillon Steuer, 18.724

Group 3 Qualifier – 1. 7-Rick Laubach, 17.342; 2. 19-Tim Fuller, 17.478; 3. 30-Jamie Mills, 17.562; 4. 71-Mike Bowman, 17.621; 5. 9s-Matt Sheppard, 17.639; 6. 1-Billy Pauch, 17.659; 7. 21-Yan Bussiere, 17.665; 8. 21-Peter Britten, 17.847; 9. 32c-Vic Coffey, 17.848; 10. 21k-Randy Chrysler, 18.036

Group 4 Qualifier – 1. 88-Mike Mahaney, 17.411; 2. 3-Justin Haers, 17.572; 3. 5-Billy Vaninwigen, 17.601; 4. 30m-Joseph Watson, 17.680; 5. 5m-Mike Maresca, 17.680; 6. 271-Ryan Anderson, 17.857; 7. 27j-Danny Johnson, 17.893; 8. 14-C.G. Morey, 17.994; 9. 13-Steve Davis, 18.205; 10. 54-Steve Bernard, 18.219


DIRTcar Nationals Thursday Program Cancelled Due to Persistent Rain in Area


Event will resume Friday as regularly scheduled with the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series and the Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds

BARBERVILLE, Fla. - February 23, 2017 - Night 10 of DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park has been cancelled due to an extended heavy rain storm that hit the area on Wednesday and Thursday and a forecast of continued rain well into the day.

DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park will resume on Friday, Feb. 24, with the pit gates opening at 1:00pm, grandstands opening at 5:00pm. Hot laps for the World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series will kick off on-track activities at 6:00pm.

Fans that have purchased tickets in advance can use Thursday night's tickets as a credit toward one of the final two nights of DIRTcar Nationals. The ticket window at Volusia Speedway Park will be closed on Thursday and will reopen early at 3:00pm on Friday to assist those customers with Wednesday and Thursday tickets.

For more information about DIRTcar Nationals visit or call 844-DIRT-TIX. Follow DIRTcar Nationals on social media: @DIRTcarNats on Twitter and


By The Numbers: DIRTcar Racing UMP Modifieds at the 46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals

By Clayton Johns

BARBERVILLE, FL - February 22, 2017 - The DIRTcar UMP Modifieds concluded their portion of the 46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park on Tuesday night. Ten feature races over the course of seven days produced plenty of thrilling action and culminated in Nick Hoffman earning his second straight Big Gator as the DIRTcar UMP Modified Nationals champion.

Here are some of the more interesting facts and figures to come from a week of action at the World’s Fastest Half-Mile.

1 - Number of points separating Big Gator champion Nick Hoffman of Mooresville, NC from second-place finisher Jacob Hawkins of Fairmont, WV. Hoffman won the championship 489 points to 488.

2 - Wins by Jacob Hawkins at the 2017 DIRTcar Nationals. Hawkins won the first and last UMP Modified features.

3 - Drivers who raced all 15 nights of the DIRTcar UMP Modified Florida Tour for Deep South points, including the DIRTcar Nationals (Kenny Wallace, Kyle Strickler, Shon Flanary)

4 - First time DIRTcar UMP Modified winners at the DIRTcar Nationals (Jacob Hawkins, Will Krup, Jonathan Taylor, JE Stalder)

18.121 - Fastest qualifying time of the week, set by Brian Ruhlman of Clarklake, Mich. on Sunday, February 19.

19 - Number of States plus one Canadian province represented by DIRTcar UMP Modified drivers.

27- Drivers who earned top-five finishes in 10 features.

30- Number of different UMP Modified winners at the DIRTcar Nationals since 2011. Six different drivers won at the 2017 edition.

36- Car number of Kenny Wallace, the only driver who competed in all 15 DIRTcar UMP Modified Florida events

67- Highest single-night car count (Friday, February 17).

76- Drivers who entered in at least one night of DIRTcar UMP Modified competition at 2017 DIRTcar Nationals.

523- Total laps of competition for the DIRTcar UMP Modifieds over 8 days including qualifying, heat races, B-Mains and features.

$5,000- Nick Hoffman’s payday for winning the 30-lap Big Gator championship on Monday night.

The 46th Annual DIRTcar Nationals continue on Thursday, February 23 with the World of Outlawas Craftsman® Late Model Series and Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds. Hot laps will start the on-track activities at 6:00pm.

Fans that have purchased tickets in advance can use Wednesday night's tickets as a credit toward one of the final three nights of DIRTcar Nationals. For more information about DIRTcar Nationals visit or call 844-DIRT-TIX. Follow DIRTcar Nationals on social media: @DIRTcarNats on Twitter and